Neighborhood Resource Center: Maps are Power!

Our Legacy of Mapping:

For more than 40 years, the Center For Neighborhoods and the Louisville Community Design Center have worked with neighborhoods and partner organizations to educate & empower residents, identify & provide resources, and build a network of neighborhood leaders.


As a continuation of this 40 year legacy, we are building out this Neighborhood Resource Center in order to connect neighbors to the mapping services we provide, and to offer access to the numerous data profiles and existing maps within our database.

Interactive & Informative: Maps Tell Stories!

Louisville's Interactive NeighborMap: Discover Neighborhood Resources and Community Assets

Find out who your elected official is, and how to contact them. Discover community assets, like Little Free Libraries and food pantries, all identified by neighbors around Louisville. Explore the map to learn who your Center for Neighborhoods liaison is - reach out to say hey and find out how they can support your community projects! 

Health & Environment: A Center for Neighborhoods Health Figures Story Map

The data used in this story map is from the Center for Disease Control's 500 Cities Health Outcomes report, released in 2018.

These maps help illustrate the way health outcomes are inequitably distributed across Louisville's neighborhoods, visualizing social determinants of health that are inherently linked to race, income, gender, geography, and more. 

To build strong neighborhoods, Louisville neighbors can explore this map to see how different health factors impact the city as a whole.

Map of the Month


Neighborhood Demographics: Mapping Statistics from the American Community Survey

Statistics can be critical for describing the past, present, and future of a neighborhood. Use this map to uncover patterns, see opportunities, and spread knowledge to your neighbors! (This map feature uses selected demographics from the American Community Survey's 2016 5 Year Estimates.)

PAINT Story Map: What, Why, and Where of Producing Art In Neighborhoods Together

Explore the diverse collection of public art projects spanning nearly 10 years of creativity and community engagement. Discover a new piece to go visit, or learn more about the neighborhood art piece you've always loved!

Neighborhood Institute Alumni: All over Louisville!

This map illustrates the imprint Neighborhood Institute has made across the Jefferson County area. For 30 years, neighbors have participated in our 12-week comprehensive course in community leadership and project planning. We strive to have each and every council district represented in Neighborhood Institute - maybe it's your time to join the legacy!

Little Free Libraries and Little Free Pantries

Take a look at this map to see where there are books and food items available to Louisville neighbors. If you know of one that isn't on the map, contact us!

Voting Precincts

Not sure where you vote? This map shows voting precincts by neighborhood. Knowing your precinct is crucial for playing a role in our democracy - this map makes knowing easy!

Neighborhoods and Key Places by Council District

You know your neighborhood but are not sure who your Metro Council Member is or what Council District you live in. This map makes it easy to take a quick look and find out both!

Data and Maps You Can Download

Neighborhood Maps (PDFs)

We have a collection of neighborhood maps available for anyone in the community to download. From Shawnee to Fern Creek, from Phoenix Hill to Highview - you can be sure to find your neighborhood!

Council District Maps

Detailed maps outlining district boundaries, and including familiar streets and neighborhood names for ease of orientation. Find your own, find a friend's, or collect them all and fit them together like a puzzle!

Data Profiles

In need of facts and figures? These downloadable data profiles put comprehensive, concise, and compelling data right at your fingertips. Use these data profiles to support a school project, make a case at your neighborhood meeting, or to inform your own independent thinking.

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