We build relationships with residents, neighborhood associations & stakeholder institutions and provide assistance through public awareness, meeting facilitation, problem solving and project consultation. We actively encourage and train neighborhoods to enact their strategies for community improvement.  We seek to serve as a catalyst for residents, families, neighborhoods, public institutions and local government coming together in effective collaborations for results that benefit the community.


We cultivate and support effective residents and neighborhood groups citywide through leadership education, We build learning networks around common concerns and approaches, drawing together resident leaders from diverse neighborhoods, perspectives, and experiences. Our programs aim to teach processes and practices that will increase and improve resident participation in neighborhood and civic life, and to increase the capabilities and productivity of neighborhood-based organizations.


We have an extensive background in neighborhood assessment and planning, which includes facilitating broad stakeholder input. Neighborhood Assessments and Walkability Assessments help identify current conditions, future desires and the action steps needed to get there. Neighborhood Plans allow residents to articulate & document a clear vision for their neighborhood with defined goals and a work plan. Our community centered placemaking activities engage residents around redevelopment and activation, creating change quickly and inclusively.


We provide residents with data about their communities and provide custom maps for neighborhood concerns. This assists neighborhood leaders in make well-informed decisions and sharing knowledge between neighborhoods. Engaged residents  informed with clear information and visuals reinforce a healthy community and support a higher quality of life in Louisville.

CDC Network

We work to increase resources, access, collaboration, and advocacy across community development organizations in order to influence development to be more inclusive and holistic. We coordinate a network for Community Development Corporations and similar organizations to learn, share, and work together.