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Neighbor of the Month: Cultivating Community in the South End

Our Engagement & Education Director, Mikal Forbush, often reminds us to make time to celebrate all the milestones along the way of building positive change. Throughout all of our work, we share this message with our community partners, Neighborhood Institute participants, and friends - celebrate the big monumental things for sure, but definitely rejoice in even the quiet easily-overlooked things.

As challenging as it may be, it's no different during these strange, unprecedented times. Micah Kavich is a resident in District 15, and our April Neighbor of the Month. We couldn't be happier to share with you her joy and heart!

Tell us a little about yourself: I am a partner and parent that lives in and loves the South End. I am a Unitarian Universalist who is guided by the 7 Principles of my faith. I am an avid reader, and especially have a love for feminist science fiction.  What you love about your neighborhood? I love how walkable my neighborhood is. I love that when someone in my neighborhood expresses a need, it doesn't take long for a number of people to get connected and figure out how to meet that need. We are caring and resourceful people.

What have you been working on in your neighborhood? I am heavily involved with The Rosewater Bookstore, a joint effort between South Louisville Community Ministries and The Book Works. We are a social enterprise that sells used books to provide emergency assistance to our neighbors, promotes literacy, engages in community development, and arranges workforce training. I am a member of the steering committee for Louisville Rapid Access Network, I co-founded South End Mama Collective, I facilitate Really Really Free Markets, and am involved with other community led efforts.

How did you get involved in this work? I owe my community involvement to my time with Women in Transition (WIT). WIT provided free social and political education as well as advocacy and leadership training to community members. WIT helped me to understand how my personal issues were part of greater social justice issues, provided direct support, and guided me to fight for myself and others experiencing similar struggles.  What are your hopes for your neighborhood in the future? I want to see us continue to grow our commitments to building community, being in right relation with each other, taking care of our planet, and moving toward justice.

Stay connected, keep up the good work, find your positive place! #GoBeNeighbors!

Know a great candidate for our Neighbor of the Month series? Email ryanep@centerforneighborhoods.org your suggestion!