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Got questions? We've got the maps to find the answer!

Data you can actually work with, and share with your neighbors.

We live in a city - in cultural moment - where "open data" has spurred new initiatives and focused efforts. (Here's one take on the movement in general from Apolitcal, and here's Louisville Metro's landing page for open data.) More than ever before, there is a public cry for accessible, relevant information about the communities we live in.

It can start to feel overwhelming though, if you don't know exactly where to look or what to search for on Google. Statistics, demographics, numerical outcomes - they can all seem abstract and impenetrable, and you may think you have to be an “expert” to understand or use any of it. But because we work so closely with Louisville neighbors - actual residents with real-world issues they are committed to addressing - we believe in the importance of open data and we know the impact of having data at your fingertips. We have worked for months to create a comprehensive Data and Mapping Hub that’s meant for everyone, and we are thrilled to announce it is now available on our website.

Whether you are a neighborhood nerd, passionate nonprofit person, public official, student, or just plain curious - our mapping and data hub helps you be better equipped to make compelling calls-to-action and more informed decisions. Browse our collection of interactive maps, plus connect to local data sources like Lojic and the Kentucky State Data Center, and you will find quality data that is expertly visualized, thoughtfully curated, and regularly updated. Our intention with creating this hub is to ensure access to layered sources of local data and to highlight key partnerships with other remarkable organizations, plus to present our own original interactive maps in a way that really encourages exploration and discovery.

So....Are you searching for information to support your position at a neighborhood association meeting? Want to find out where there are homeless resources across the city? Advocating for more art in your neighborhood, but you need more context? Curious about the relationship between geography and health outcomes? We've got a map for it!

Visit our Neighborhood Mapping & Data Resource Center and be inspired...!

If you have any questions, or comments, please connect with Christi Stevens at christis@centerforneighborhoods.org