Phillips Lane Walkability Assessment


The Phillips Lane area lies southwest of the Central Business District and borders I-264, providing access to the Kentucky State Fairgrounds, Kentucky Kingdom, and several hotels and is in close proximity to Louisville International Airport. It is a major thoroughfare to Preston Highway. The adjacent neighborhoods consist of a variety of housing styles, unfortunately, factors such as abandoned and vacant properties, high traffic volume, a lack of landscape buffers, drainage issues, street litter, poor property maintenance, and crumbling and non-existent sidewalks have made walking in some areas of Phillips Lane difficult. However, with the help of dedicated residents and neighborhood and area business leaders, overcoming these barriers to walkability is possible.


Using the Louisville Neighborhood Walking Assessment Tool, the Phillips Lane team split into 4 groups: Blue, Green, Yellow and Red. The following series of maps present the results of data collected using the assessment tool. The tool evaluates factors such as traffic volumes, speed limits, sidewalk connectivity, materials, conditions, widths, general attractiveness, and whether there are safe and accessible ramps and crossings. These are essential elements of a walkable street and neighborhood.


The Total Score map provides a cumulative score for the routes walked and assessed. The high traffic volume and lack of marked crosswalks, signals, traffic barriers, lighting and landscaping is of primary concern. Overall, the Phillips Lane assessment rated the corridor as "Fair".


Red Team