In honor of long-time Russell neighborhood Resident and Neighborhood Institute participant, Ms. Lucille Legget, the Neighborhood Institute will now be known as

The Lucille Leggett Neighborhood Institute.


What it's all about:

The Neighborhood Institute is a neighborhood leadership-education program established in 1987 by the Center For Neighborhoods, a non-profit civic organization. The Neighborhood Institute equips neighborhood leaders with the resources necessary to effect positive change by acting through and with their neighborhood groups.

Each semester of Neighborhood Institute begins by identifying and assessing what class members view as being their most pressing issues. Topics often requested include:

  • Getting Your Message Out

  • Increasing Neighborhood Participation and Land Use Issues

  • Code Enforcement

  • Neighborhood Quality of Life

  • Block Watch & Public Safety

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Working with Public Officials

  • Consensus Building

  • Accessing Resources

  • Working with Local Government Agencies

  • Organization Building

  • Strategic Planning

  • Planning, Zoning

Neighborhood Institute alumni come from all across Jefferson County. For 30 years, Louisville neighbors have gathered together at the Center for Neighborhoods in order to learn community leadership skills, build relationships, and develop neighborhood improvement projects for their communities.
This map shows where previous participants have come from.

Part of the Neighborhood Institute curriculum includes a self-directed project in the community. Through the class projects, people become engaged in the community as they branch out and apply the information and knowledge from the class to real life situations.

For more information on the program, call 502-589-0343 or email