James Taylor - Jacob School Neighborhood Plan

The planning process is still ongoing, please attend any meetings you can! This page holds the presentations from all workshops, as well as some of the input we've heard so far. If you would like to add anything, or have any questions, please send us an email at planning@centerforneighborhoods.org or call us at 502-589-0343.

Vision Statement:

The James Taylor - Jacob School Neighborhood is a family friendly, unified, residential community that retains the character and historic rural development pattern of the original historic African American subdivision founded by James Taylor. It is a neighborhood that preserves and promotes its cultural, environmental, and physical assets. All residents of the James Taylor - Jacobs School Neighborhood enjoy clean air, water, and soil, infrastructure that provides adequate drainage, and safe access to all modes of transportation.

Workshop Information and Resources

Workshop 1: Visioning, Introduction to Land Use and Mobility

Workshop 2: Land Use and Mobility Action Plan, Introduction to Historic Preservation and Natural Resources

Workshop 3: Historic Preservation Action Plan

Workshop 4: Natural Resources Action Plan and Historic Preservation Followup