Community Engagement


Center For Neighborhoods' staff and liaison team partner with existing and prospective neighborhood associations, as well as civic institutions throughout Metro Louisville. Our engagement focus is to teach processes and practices that help increase and improve civic participation for individual residents, and also to elevate neighborhood-based organizations' capabilities and productivity. We encourage all neighborhoods to enact strategies and plans for improving their communities and to serve as change catalysts for residents, families, neighborhoods, public institutions and local government. It is all about coming together in effective collaborations for results that benefit the entire community!

neighborhood engagement

Our staff works to build relationships with Neighborhood Associations and neighborhood leaders and present information about programs and project opportunities from Center For Neighborhoods and other partners.  If you would like us to attend your neighborhood association meeting contact us below.


Center For Neighborhoods can provide your neighborhood organization technical assistance, including meeting facilitation, project support and problem solving to develop innovative solutions to complex neighborhood issues.  For questions about technical assistance we can provide contact us below.

Center For Neighborhoods provides a weekly e-news blast to neighborhood residents, associations and partners informing them of community of events, educational opportunities, public meetings and other important information from around Metro Louisville. Join our mailing list below. Want to post something in the e-news? Email information to