Better Block Louisville 2019, 

in the heart of the Parkland Neighborhood!

Focusing on the historic town center at 28th and Dumesnil, Center For Neighborhoods started in September 2018 with community engagement efforts to build a leadership group of engaged neighbors, local businesses, and partner institutions. In March 2019, over 50 residents came out to a public meeting to share their vision for the neighborhood and for the project. Starting in April and through June, community members volunteered to build improvements on the block. Using methods of tactical and DIY urbanism, the community was able to test their ideas and celebrate the improvements through a block-party-style festival.

Two under-used parking lots were transformed:

  • A Public Cultural Plaza featuring music, community performances, kids activities, and public seating with shade

  • An open-air market with a variety of vendors selling food, home goods, jewelry, and clothing. Safety improvements were also made to the street, like street parking stripes, staged street trees, public seating, painted crosswalks,and added lighting.

  • A Pocket Park was staged in a nearby grassy vacant lot, with play structures, games, and kid-centered activities.​


Visit The Parkland Plaza and be part of the movement!

Download the project report to find out more about the project's outcomes as of June 2019

Thank you to our 2019 sponsors!

In partnership with Park Ville Neighborhood Association

Better Block Louisville is a temporary event that re-imagines a neighborhood block using low cost interventions, designed by the community. Community-centered programming, arts performances, shopping, and more are included to highlight the culture and unique identity of the local neighborhood. Center For Neighborhoods staff works closely with residents and stakeholders for months, supporting them in designing and creating the event elements.

This is part of a movement. Jason Roberts, the founder of Better Block Foundation, spoke at the Center For Neighborhoods' 2016 Neighborhood Summit. Through community-led design, Better Block is making streets safer and reinvigorating neighborhood corridors all over the world.  Read more at their website .  

Tactical Urbanism projects like Better Block Louisville: 

Bring people together,

Show us what’s possible,

Test out new ideas, &

 Inspire lasting change.

Read more here.

Beechmont neighbors worked together to build improvements for Better Block Louisville 2018 on Woodlawn Avenue. 

Better Block Shelby Park: From May 11-13, 2017 community partners and residents came together to reinvigorate the Oak and Logan Streets in the Shelby Park. A temporary bike lane, traffic calming, a green space, street trees were paired with art installations, music, food, a market, and CycLouvia to bring people together and show off all the great things about Shelby Park neighborhood. 

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