Letters From the Director

Mellone was just thinking…

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"Burger Week"


This is “Burger Week” here in Louisville.  Most of the Center for Neighborhoods’ staff went out for a burger and some team building.  It was a fun time at 80/20 at Kaelin’s Restaurant, with good food & good company.  We hadn’t been out as a team in over a year.  I am so grateful for the virtual meeting technology that allowed us to do our jobs while on lock-down.  But there is nothing like real human interaction.  We have four new folks join our team over the last year, and it is nice to do some team-building with them.

After lunch, we had some neighborhood canvassing to do.  By the way, I say “we” very loosely, because I did not go, but I like to think what one of us does, we all do, although it was nearly 90 degrees and I was inside sitting in the AC, so the “team” may not believe that.  I mention the canvasing to say; we are out doing our thing again.  When we canvas, we go door to door, with a community member(s), to talk to our neighbors.  Sometimes we survey, but usually, we are just letting folks know what is going on.

A thing that is important to us is building authentic relationships with the communities in which we work.  It was a challenge to do that virtually, so we are all delighted to be back out in the real world.  Canvasing is a vital way to build connections.

We are doing a lot of neighborhood canvassing again, but another chance to talk to us is coming up on August 7th at the Victory Park Day celebration.  Victory Park is one of the 18 Olmsted Parks here in Louisville.  Olmsted Parks are renowned, historic and rare.  To have 18 in one city is an honor.  Some of these parks have had some deteriorations over the years. Luckily, over the last few years, there has been some reinvestment and that is excellent news.  CFN will be at the Park on August 7th to get feedback on this Park and a possible new park.  Please stop by our booth and say hello or let us know what you think can be done in the California parks.


I just got back from vacation.  I enjoyed it so much, both the time off and the time away.  I met my family in Orlando.  It reminded me of my childhood family vacations.  We always took car trips to visit family. As I got older, I started to take vacations in other places, not just to see family, I love to go to the islands, but I digress.  This year it was so lovely to see my family after over a year of missing them because of Covid.  It was nice that all of us are vaccinated, except the little ones who could not be vaccinated.  So, I got to hug my family, that was a good feeling.  

Life seems to be getting back to normal, somewhat, or at least the “new normal”.  My personal and professional life is slowly but surely going back to some sort of normality.  I still carry my mask in my pocket every day, for situations where I think I need it.  And frankly, I still stand about six feet away from people as I meet them.  Some things are more normal, I am back going to stores, I just joined the YMCA, I am back going to church in person…
Work – aah work is trying to be more normal.  Our office is open again, Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm.  (Please, come on by and see us at our new location, 1126 Berry Blvd. Ste #300.)

Our The Lucille Leggett Neighborhood Institute (Institute) will be in person again this Fall, woohoo!  Our last two sessions were virtual (virtual was fine, but not the same), and we are so excited to go back in person.  The Center for Neighborhoods (CFN) has offered the Institute since 1987, so you know CFN knows how to do this well.  It is an opportunity for our Neighbors to get an education on being even better neighbors.  The next session starts on August 17th; classes are Tuesdays from 6 pm - 8 pm for twelve event-filled weeks.  For more information, click here, you have to apply by August 2nd.