Workshop Presentations Slides

Morning Keynote

Attica Scott: 

County Health Rankings & Community Roadmaps

Session 1A:

Using Vision to Recruit & Retain New Members of Neighborhood Associations

Session 1E:

Condo & Homeowner Association Frequently Asked Questions

Session 2A:

Walkability & Community Safety

Session 2E:

Panel: Working with Elected Officials

Session 1B:

Kick Start Your Neighborhood Business District

Session 1F:

Tree Canopy, Neighborhood Planting and Its Impact

Session 2B:

Metro Codes 101 - Land Development & Property Maintenance Codes

Session 2F:

Gaining Services Outside the Urban Services District

Luncheon Keynote

Jason Roberts:

Better Block Foundation

Session 1C:

Community Design and Smaller, Faster and Affordable Ways to Get There

Session 1G:

Safety and Security in our Community

Session 1D:

Digital Mapping and Asset Mapping for Neighborhoods

Session 2C:

Neighborhood Plans-What they do and what they don't do

Session 2D: 

Social Media and Communications

Session 2G:

Making Health a Priority in Neighborhood Planning