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PAINT Program

PAINT - Producing Art In Neighborhoods Together
Producing Art in Neighborhoods Together brings neighborhoods, residents, and contemporary visual artists together to create new, site-specific, neighborhood-based public art projects in neighborhoods throughout the Louisville Metro Area. All PAINT projects directly uphold and support the mission, vision, and values of
Center For Neighborhoods.

The PAINT program creates and initiates new public art projects using the following two different methodologies:

  1. Louisville Metro Supported Projects
  2. Special Projects

Louisville Metro Supported Projects

PAINT projects that fall under the "Louisville Metro Supported Projects" category are initiated and developed by using a neighborhood-based public process. These projects are a direct response to individual neighborhoods and residents who articulated, through the former Metro-supported Neighborhood Assessment public process, their desire to aesthetically and artistically improve their neighborhoods and increase community engagement. Center for Neighborhoods conducted multiple Neighborhood Assessments in partnership with the former Louisville Metro Department of Neighborhoods, through which 12 neighborhoods requested arts initiatives, branding and identity campaigns, and various types of beautification.

Center For Neighborhoods' response to community demand for public art and beautification is manifested through the PAINT program's "Louisville Metro Supported Projects" category . Projects falling into this category are the result of a series of workshops through which PAINT embraces a neighborhood-based, grassroots approach to the creation of new site-specific public artwork in neighborhoods across Louisville Metro, both urban and suburban.

During year 1 of the program (2009-2010), eligibility for participation was restricted to the initial 12 neighborhoods that participated in the neighborhood assessment project (mentioned above). During year 2 (2010-2011), a total of 4 projects are slated to be commissioned as a result of the workshops and public process used during year 1. Projects will be, or have been, commissioned for the following 4 neighborhoods (click on the following neighborhood link to learn more about the project): German-Paristown, Schnitzelburg, Portland, and Crescent Hill.

Special Projects

PAINT projects falling under the "Special Projects" category are initiated directly by Center For Neighborhoods or are the result of a neighborhood approaching the Center with a specific project idea in mind. The following projects are examples of "Special Projects" that the PAINT program has commissioned or partnered on.

Weaving Unity Into Community - Parkway Place
Funding - Kentucky Arts Council and the Cralle Foundation
Grantee - Center For Neighborhoods
Project initiated by Center For Neighborhoods PAINT Program.

Creativity Rising - Phoenix Hill
Funding - Kentucky Arts Council and Metro Councilman David Tandy
Grantee - Phoenix Hill Neighborhood Association
Project initiated by the Phoenix Hill Neighborhood Association.

How to Initiate a Project

If you are interested in partnering with the PAINT Program on a project, please contact us to discuss specifics. While we are currently focused on the successful implementation and documentation of the 2010-2011 projects, we are still interested in developing project plans for 2011-2012. We are always interested in hearing from your association and exploring options for moving your project forward. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

PAINT Project Requirements:

  1. Focused on a Neighborhood - A district or locality, often with reference to its character or inhabitants, a political ward or precinct. The concept of a neighborhood includes geographic, social, cultural, civic, economic, and historical components.
  2. Participatory - Marked by, requiring, or involving participation, especially affording the opportunity for individual participation.
  3. Public - Open to the view of all; existing or conducted in public.

The PAINT program emphasizes:

• Production of high-quality and meaningful cultural assets for the neighborhood
• Community engagement
• Collaborative partnerships
• Strengthening neighborhood identity and sense of place by producing projects of relevance to unique locations
• Improvement of residents quality of life in Louisville Metro

By Producing Art In Neighborhoods Together, the ideas and desires of residents in Louisville 's diverse neighborhoods will realized while strengthening the unique historical and cultural assets of our community.

Funding for Louisville Metro Supported Projects
Center For Neighborhoods applied to Louisville Metro for an Arts and Cultural Attractions EAF grant in March 2009 to secure seed funding for the startup of the PAINT program. The Mayor's 2009-2010 fiscal year budget announced a recommended $28,500 in start-up assistance for PAINT. Additionally, Center For Neighborhoods applied for a 2010-2011 EAF grant from Metro Louisville for the continuation of the project. The program was recommended for $17,500 in the Mayor's proposed budget, and after Metro Council heard testimony from the PAINT Program Director at the budget hearing, the Council decided to restore an additional $10,000 to the budget for 2010-2011, allocating a total of $27,500 in support for neighborhood-based public art projects for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

Funding for Special Projects

Funding for all projects falling under the "Special Projects" category come from a variety of community-based sources. Examples include funding received from the Kentucky Arts Council and The Cralle Foundation, along with in-kind support and donations from Louisville Metro Departments and Agencies and other partnering organizations, such as Metro United Way, the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Sud-Chemie, and the Louisville Visual Art Association. Funding for "Special Projects" is contingent upon the project, the audience it serves, and the project's ability to generate interest and support from local foundations and sponsors.

History and Years 1 & 2 of the "Louisville Metro Supported Projects"

Initial 12 Neighborhoods
  • Belmar
  • California
  • Camp Zachary Taylor
  • Crescent Hill
  • Crossgate
  • Deer Park
  • German-Paristown
  • Highgate Springs
  • Phoenix Hill
  • Plantation
  • Portland
  • Schnitzelburg

View the Action Matrix listing Art, Beautification, and Identity Items (PDF)


View the map of Jefferson County with PAINT neighborhoods highlighted (PDF)


During year 1 (2009-2010), the 12 eligible neighborhoods self-selected (for a variety of reasons) down to a group of 4 participating neighborhoods. The following links will redirect you to each neighborhood's project page:

German-Paristown - You Are Here
Artists: Mary Dennis Kannapell & Marjie Ryan

Portland -Project Page Coming Soon.
Artists: Rachel Seed, Ezra Kellerman, Reba Rye

Schnitzelburg - Push the Envelope
Artists: Shelley Hora & Russel Hulsey

Crescent Hill
More Info Coming Soon.


PAINT "Special Projects" during 2009-2010

  1. "Weaving Unity Into Community" project at Parkway Place
    Please visit the project page to learn more.
  2. "Creativity Rising" project in Phoenix Hill
    Please visit the project page to learn more.
  3. Redefining Brownfields
    More information about this project will be announced soon.

How are artists selected?
For the first 4 projects, artist selection was invitational.

The PAINT Program is primarily interested in working with practicing artists who are local. By "practicing", we mean artists who are actively working and contributing to their field, which can take the form of gallery exhibitions, community-based/public projects, and other work or accomplishments in recent history that are clearly outlined and identified on the artists' CV. By "local" we mean artists who live and work in the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (also referred to as the KY-IN Metropolitan Statistical Area).

This criteria has been structured to ensure that the PAINT Program selects artists who are capable of following through on projects that are unique and of high quality, and the money spent on commissions remains within our local economy and primarily supports our local artists. Additionally, the PAINT Program encourages commissioned artists to shop locally for all materials and supplies. The PAINT Program will consider working with artists living outside of the Louisville MSA, however it will be on a case-by-case basis.

Artists are welcome to submit the following information if they would like to be considered for future projects, although we are not currently running an open call:

  • Name
  • 1 paragraph bio
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 3 References who know your work
  • Contact Information (telephone, mailing address, email, website)
  • 10 digital images (jpeg, gif, PDF, or link to webpage) of recent work completed within the past 2 years

Submit the above information to In the subject line of your email, state "PAINT Artist Submission". Artist submissions will be passed along to curatorial advisors who make artist selections and recommendations.


Contact Information
Hallie Jones
Director of Marketing and Development & PAINT Program Director

610 S. Fourth Street, Suite 609, Louisville, KY 40202   |   Phone: 502-589-0343   |   Fax: 502-589-0616   |